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A lebanese person originates from the state of Lebanon. Although of Arabic character, the lebanese people have been largely influenced by european culture as Lebanon was once a colony of France. The lebanese people are diverse in religions and cultures, making up of various christian and islamic strands, its plurality makes it a very unique country of the middle east. The lebanese people are a peaceful people, but foreign intervention by the Arab Israeli conflict was one of the leading causes of the civil war between various christian and muslim militias. This steretype of lebanese as violent is a result of the media's attention on lebanese gangs and crimes commited by lebanese people. This stereotype is far from the truth!
What many people do not understand is that Lebanese people have made a huge impact worldwide. A list of renowned lebanese people include:
- Ralph Nader (ran for president of the USA, consumer rights advocate)
- Carlos Helu (Third richest man in the world)
- Shakira ( Singer, Half lebanese half latino)
- Steve Bracks (premier of victoria)
- Marie Bashir (governor general of New South wales)
- Joe Hashim (World Poker Champion)
by Antonio Elias January 24, 2007

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