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An award given to only the most deserving actors, directors, singers, hillbillies, and other artistic folk.
Rarely awarded, it is said to be the most coveted award in the whole world.
Recipients of the Brooky receive a special looking award and pride in knowing that they are better than everyone else.
You don't even need all 32 of your teeth to win a Brooky! Wow! It is the best award ever!!!
by Antonio Banderas March 06, 2005
A sharp toothed lover who you meet in a seedy hotel in Cozumel...he'll steal your heart and your wallet.
Oh my, poor Suzy was robbed! It must have been that fing she boffed last night!
by Antonio Banderas March 04, 2005
the phonetic pronunciation of whore.
Get it -- who + re
whoa man! Don't go messin' with my photoshopping! Step off hooray!
by Antonio Banderas March 06, 2005
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