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2 definitions by Antonio "P-do" Brown

When you don't like the police so you show them whats up by shovin a foot up there ass, oink oink piggy mothafucka.
Wow, I just got busted for possesion, a couple crack rocks, and a couple grams of 'dro, fuck the police.
by Antonio "P-do" Brown June 08, 2006
a. One of the greatest rappers in the Eminem, 50 Cent, etc. generation with laid back shit like Kurt Cobain and hardcore kinda shit like M.A.D., R.I.P.
b.Evidence of a certain thing happening
a. Proof was shot down in a night club man, I can't believe this shit.
b. I have proof that you stole my crack mothafucka, don't make me cap you fool.
by Antonio "P-do" Brown July 04, 2006