39 definitions by Antonio

A way of saying that you are going to leave the imediate area.
Yo I'm gonna bounce like an ounce,G.
by Antonio August 28, 2004
Another way of saying something's cool
Yo, dawg that shit is the jiggly bop
by Antonio August 28, 2004
Another way of saying "food" except childish and funny.
Tony, get me some foodskies."
by Antonio August 27, 2004
Followers of Anthology
I just became an Anthol
by Antonio August 28, 2004
The act of sprinting to the crapper when you feel the burning diarrhea in your colon about to explode.
"Yesterday in school I had the biggest Chariots of Fire."
"I no you ran over me."
by Antonio January 16, 2005
1.) Being Game
2.)Game- a state of readiness, or a status of sexual attraction
Ex. 1.) "I tell you what, Sharad got more game than us man."
-"It's because he's a damn trashman, nigga."
Ex. 2.) "You ready to get pwned in Halo?"
-"I'm game, ho"
by Antonio April 20, 2004
a cocksucker that thinks he looks like a model but really likes having jagged objects thrust in his anus while watching old Hercules cartoons in his mothers basement.
"Look at the X-ti over there"
by Antonio December 22, 2004

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