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39 definitions by Antonio

A way of saying that you are going to leave the imediate area.
Yo I'm gonna bounce like an ounce,G.
by Antonio August 28, 2004
6 5
Another way of saying something's cool
Yo, dawg that shit is the jiggly bop
by Antonio August 28, 2004
4 3
Another way of saying "food" except childish and funny.
Tony, get me some foodskies."
by Antonio August 27, 2004
4 3
Followers of Anthology
I just became an Anthol
by Antonio August 28, 2004
0 0
The act of sprinting to the crapper when you feel the burning diarrhea in your colon about to explode.
"Yesterday in school I had the biggest Chariots of Fire."
"I no you ran over me."
by Antonio January 16, 2005
11 12
1.) Being Game
2.)Game- a state of readiness, or a status of sexual attraction
Ex. 1.) "I tell you what, Sharad got more game than us man."
-"It's because he's a damn trashman, nigga."
Ex. 2.) "You ready to get pwned in Halo?"
-"I'm game, ho"
by Antonio April 20, 2004
1 4
a cocksucker that thinks he looks like a model but really likes having jagged objects thrust in his anus while watching old Hercules cartoons in his mothers basement.
"Look at the X-ti over there"
by Antonio December 22, 2004
3 7