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A site (that you're most likely viewing right now to read this definition!) that:

1) Rejects 99% of my publishes even though there very informing!

2) A site that formally used to be about slang but has almost everything defined here, usually in a derogatory way!
1) There's a 99% chance that this would not be published here!

2)This site used to be only for words like "fuck", "shit", and "bitch". Nowadays, you'll find words like "George Bush", "Islam", and "Microsoft". (Seriously, look the latter terms up, most of the definitions to them are derogatory!)

(Side note: I have to put "Urban Dictionary" here otherwise it won't let me publish!)
by Anton The Reaper September 09, 2013
A laptop (usually secret) on which 99-100% it's time is used for porn!

True geeks have Ubuntu installed on them! And store all of the porn in an encrypted disk image file! And only use the root account to actually view the porn!
Anton: Mindy, what are you doing?
Mindy: Looking through a laptop my boyfriend was hiding!
Anton *Looking at the Ubuntu logo on screen*: Mindy, i think this is a porntop! He's not into in just you anymore! Or maybe he's gay!
*Mindy cries*
Anton *hugging her*: I know, the truth hurts, i can try to hack it!
by Anton The Reaper September 15, 2013
A subgerne of metal and hardcore that is NOT shit, but is often called shit because a lot of bands don't work to their full potential, and because there are too many bands that are called metalcore and are actually NOT! Real metalcore is usually 70-90% metal and 10-30% hardcore. Fake metalcore is really post hardcore in is often called so because of the existence of a breakdown and screamed vocals! Real metalcore also has guitar solos now and then and often use a low toned type of screaming. Fake metalcore absolutely has no solos and consistently use both screams and death growls, as well as a lot of singing! So next time you here of a metalcore band, compare them to bands like As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red, All That Remains, Killswitch Engaged, etc... If they sound like them, it's real metalcore, if they don't, it's not!

Real Metalcore bands: Underoath (Only there first 2 albums) All That Remains, Avenged Sevenfold (Only there first 2 albums), As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red, Killswitch Engaged.

Fake Metalcore Bands: Underoath (Everything else they made after Cries of The Past), Motionless in White, Attack Attack!, Asking Alexandria
Metalcore hater: I think metalcore sucks!
Me: Why?
Metalcore haiter: Beacuse metalcore bands like Asking Alexandria sounds like emos trying to play metal!
Me: (facepalms) Asking Alexandria is NOT metalcore!
Metalcore haiter: Yes they are, it says so on Wikipedia.
Me: (Facepalms again) No they aren't, they are only called so because they have breakdowns in there songs and have screamed vocals. Listen to August Burns Red for an example of what REAL metalcore is!
(All of August Burns Red's discography and some of All That Remains songs later)
Metalcore lover (Formally a metalcore haiter): August Burns Red is the BEST BAND EVER!
by Anton The Reaper June 01, 2013

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