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Really funny thing you hear or see.
The comedy show last night was Lari'Larious, I couldn't stop laughing...
by Anton O October 11, 2007
Refer to a female that is whore'ish. Very "friendly" with multiple men
All females in the porno industry is a lamina
by Anton O August 02, 2007
Ebonics for little, someone short
I need li'kul more money for my car
by Anton O October 11, 2007
People who are phony, fake who tends to be present more to others than they can offer. Characters in movies who pretray fictional stories. Someone talks themself up above others, but has nothing..
Jimmy is a shoby individual, he told me he's going to be in the movie Resident Evil. But he's never even left the state of Florida
by Anton O October 11, 2007

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