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5 definitions by Antoine Simpson

MMORPG Slang for a friendly Pker. Opposite of Shotgun Ed
Aw Damn! The Dancing Banana just pk'd me! But he left me a nice kill message, he's a real Suburban Ed!
by Antoine Simpson April 13, 2008
27 7
MMORPG slang for someone who is a complete and utter douche bag
Dude, that Vaccinator guy is a total Shotgun Ed! Let's go frag him!
by Antoine Simpson August 30, 2007
27 14
A variant word for fellatio. The art of performing oral stimulations upon the male genitalia.
Damn! That ho performed most excellent minf upon my tekwith last night!
by Antoine Simpson March 07, 2007
20 24
The process of firing projectile eggs from your asshole.

Amateurs should use hardboiled eggs, working up to soft boiled, and eventually straight from the carton!
Yo Brandon, grab those eggs you just bought, we're goin' shegging!
by Antoine Simpson April 13, 2008
15 21
The disastrous result of gang violence.
Yo! Those fools be urban dead!
by Antoine Simpson November 18, 2006
32 103