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A country geographically situated within Europe but politically removed from the ideology of Europe.
Often subject to torrents of abuse from disgruntled sheep farmers situated in Wales and Scotland because we are still guilty of some superannuated crime commited before these people's descendents even lived.
A nation full of stoic people who, whilst courageous and proud are also apathetic.
107p for a ltr of petrol and we all just sit and take it. Time to be like France and riot!
Americans think England is a facsimilie of their culture, but they are grossly mistaken so we shall move swiftly on.

England is a nation that on here seems to be represented by it's football team (oh dear).
Football is lame, so are you muppets arguing it. Go any find another way to have a macho-cock-measuring contest.

England is the oldest established democratic model of paliment/government in the world.
Scotish man: Focking english jebbend.

English man: ...thanks for your time....

England has many English people who adore Welsh, Scottish and Irish culture.
As for the ones calling us a "Cunt of a country"...at least we provide pleasure. What do you do you ropey-looking pikey turd?
by AntipatheticBrit August 31, 2009

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