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14 definitions by AntimatterKING

Someone who fakes being an asshole just to be friends with the "popular" kids. Not necessarily the meanest, but definitely the most annoying.
A: Yo, what happened to John? He started being a complete dickhead yesterday

B: He's just being a Mo-faux to impress the new kid. He'll get over it.
by AntimatterKING October 16, 2009
1. Something that is meant to entertain, but actually sucks.
2. Foreplay that doesn't turn you on.
1. Man, I thought that open mic night was some real enterdrainment.
2. Whenever my wife tries to "spice up" our sex life, all she can come up with is enterdrainment.
by AntimatterKING July 21, 2009
Someone who flames and insults others on YouTube or Hulu for no reason whatsoever.
Did you see the hatemail herpderp60 sent me?
Yeah, He's such a TubeFag
by AntimatterKING July 21, 2009
Similar to a shitload, but much, much more.
Awww fuck I have a shit ton of homework. I'm never gonna get to that party.
by AntimatterKING January 23, 2010
An obscenely fat person who knows they shouldn't try to fit into a bathing suit but does anyway. Usually the first person to go off of the high dive, and fucks on the first date.
Look, there he goes!
That whale phish is gonna break the diving board!
by AntimatterKING August 02, 2009
Kirk Hammet
by AntimatterKING February 04, 2010
The white-person term for gangstas.
Whitey: Ha. There goes a gangster. Look at him in his low-hanging trousers and loose belt. Let's go divide improper fractions.
by AntimatterKING August 22, 2009