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1. A person who thinks that they are really smart by making a definition entry as a way to advertise their political beliefs.

2. A person who submits a definition for "Moron" that has Grammatical errors.

3. A person who makes Decisions that are disagreeable.
"Look, Another moron just submitted an Anti-Bush definition for the word 'moron'."

"Wow, Doesn't that moron Realize that 'stupider' is not a word?"

"That moron decided to go with 'Stupider' when 'more stupid' was clearly the correct answer."
by Antimaple Dame August 16, 2005
1. Adj. slang. A word So Commonly used in place of "more stupid" that it should be its own slang word. and with the creation of this definition, it is.
"The phrase 'more stupid' takes more time to write out and is much Stupider then just writing 'Stupider'."
by Antimaple Dame August 16, 2005

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