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A kick-ass japanese tv show based on a manga.Pretty much the best anime show ever next to death note and inuyasha.People who criticize it haven't watched the REAL version.they watch the crappy english version that makes it look stupid and retarded.the japanese version of the episodes are waaaaay better and dont make naruto seem gay.he DOES not reallygo around saying "Believe It!" in the damn series.the americans suck at making anime into english and end up making it sound stupid when it's really well put together.If you actually watch the japanese version and not the crappy english ones,you might just understand why so many people love this show.it's not just a crappy anime show with "wanna be ninjas".people have watched too much movies and think ninjas are supposed to be all black dressed and silent like.It's a show.You make what you want of it.It has over 253 episodes,4 movies,and even more mangas.Anyone who doesn't like it just doesn't understand it or has their own respectful reason for not liking it.
"naruto is awesome"
"the american version makes it sound and look stupid."
"It's one of the best anime shows/manga ever."
by AntiEric-Kun December 01, 2007

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