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Any act in which the person exibits any of the following douchebaggery :
1. Confessing one's sexual love for another of the same sex.
2. To date females to try and hide this embarrassing gay man love fantasy.
3. To "accidentally" cozy up to your buddy when he is passed out due to the GHB you dropped in his drink.
4. To act totally shocked when your said buddy breaks your face when he awakens to your gayness on top of him.
"Look at that guy in the pinked popped collar standing with the fat girl. He is an obvious Mills."

"Dude, that's the second time this weekend that you have Millsed me! Go find someone else to drink with, homo!"

"I just thought he was a sensitive, old fashioned guy who wasn't dating me to get in my pants. It turns out he was a Mills!"
by Anti-Mills September 14, 2007

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