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A clothing retailer that was founded in 1892 by David T. Abercrombie and Ezra Fitch. It was originally founded as a sporting goods company. It was also the first American company to sell the game Mahjong (what a great game! :D)
Link to an Abercrombie catalogue from 1909:
The clothing company is now one of the most popular clothing brands, with a annual revenue of $3.749 billion (2007). It has many side brands, Gilly Hicks (underwear) RUEHL, and Hollister Co.

The Shady Side
Abercrombie has released contreversial tee shirts and catologues before.

Abercrombie mainly caters to the teen population, and embodies a casual lifestyle.

Competitors: American Eagle, Aeropostale, J Crew and Gap
I went to Abercrombie the other day and bought a pair of jeans.
by Anti-Greyhound Racing September 11, 2008

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