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A word used to describe someone who has serbian herritage, DNA studies show a large portion posess traces of Turkish origin, most likely due to 400 years of ottoman rule and "intergration" over their country. The word Serb/Srb comes from the latin servus or slave. Generally a nation of cretins, cripples, homosexuals, pederacists (pederasy), also known as chetniks, decended from radical peasant slaves with no real sence of honor, dignity and such, hence their wild animal like nature even in todays modern society. There are ofcorse exceptions to every rule and so there is the odd .05% who were perhaps educated overseas who do not fit the profile but are a minority and generally are still infected with radical serb ideology. It is highly unlikely that the serbian race will ever understand that by mongering war in the balkans they are actually disgracing their own kind, this is beyond the majorities intelectual capacity.
Bosnian: Ey Drago you faggot, why do you pimp out your own wife?

Dragomir (Serb): Its mutually benificial for her and myself.

Croat: Only in Servia, only in Servia... o_^

Albanian: Ive got $12 US!!!

Dragomir (Serb): Okay but careful shes got a bad back.
by Anti-=-Matter November 26, 2007
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