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The new way of life that the current president is trying to implement and force on the citizens of the United States.

Very bad and is synonymous with the work communism.
The spook was telling me the other day that this country was being ruled by obamunism
by Anti Obamunist October 11, 2009
A Communist leader voted by the masses of sheep into the United States presidency who is trying to take over this country with fascism and communist rule.

A person who was given the Nobel Peace Prize for doing absolutely nothing worthwhile in the world except waste taxpayer money and stick his nose in affairs that had nothing to do with him.

A name that will forever live in infamy as the worst president ever.

A terrorist and anti american.
Man that Obama sure is a dirtly little communist isn't he?

No he's not he's Osama's homeboy.

Oh that means that he's a communist anti american terrorist.
by Anti Obamunist October 11, 2009
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