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2 definitions by Anthony6869

The act of parking your car in such a manner that a quick exit is possible. Even if it requires multiple maneuvers to achieve it.
"Hey, why you simmonsing your car now, we're just getting coffee?"

"Shut up and get out of the car and let me simmons-it-in!"

"Good shit, yo."
by Anthony6869 June 11, 2008
The verb form of simmonsing. Conjugating: I simmons, you simmons, he/she simmons, we simmons, you all simmons, they simmons.

To simmons means to park your car backwards for the purpose of an easy exit or getaway.
Hey Seth, will you simmons the car before we rob the bank?

Shakespeare once said, "To simmons or not to simmons, that is the question."
by Anthony6869 June 17, 2008