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ppl who wear burberry and try to look hard by walking like they're missing half of their leg.sometimes missing half of their teeth making the delusion that they fight all of the time(not very well piano teeth).usually seen riding in ford escorts or 'chaviots' as i call them.chavs cannot afford real clothes so they either buy things that they think are cool which have "fallen" off of a truck in liverpool.or they steal it from their local market.
Usually listen to Fatman Scoop or some other faggot american who shouts too much."kez ya batty, let me roll!"
by Anthony Smith March 07, 2004
a fag who love to inhale the penis
by anthony smith September 10, 2003
A man who thinks he is all that and a bag of chips. he is very popular but likes to kiss underage high school girls. his hobbies include hooking up with the same girl over and over again, wrestling, participants in abstinence and heavy drinking. although he is popular he tends to push the girls away with his arrogance. this guy likes to party, with the consequence of being overwhelmed with whiskey dick. He has many friends but only one best friend, some would consider them to be brothers. He is going somewhere in life!
Cody likes to chill around high school girls
by Anthony smith September 07, 2012
A skater is someone usually with long hair and baggy clothes who loves to skate. Not all skaters are bad. The only gay skaters are just wannabes who just hold the board(usually hudson)and bear such slogans as ' Skate Or Die' and 'Skateboarding is not a crime'.
Let's go tear up the station 4-set
by Anthony Smith March 07, 2004
people who love to gobble the ass
i think i am going to gobble her ass
by anthony smith September 10, 2003

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