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9 definitions by Anthony W. Yochmann

Give me your money.
Complainant: Then the robber pointed a gun at me and said "run your shit."
by Anthony W. Yochmann July 10, 2008
What deputy U.S. Marshal's call the combination of hand-cuffs, waist chain and leg irons. Thus the three-piece suit.
Deputy Marshal: This defendant is violent, I suggest he be brought into the courtroom in a three-piece suit.
by Anthony W. Yochmann April 15, 2009
When you've eaten so many plums your stomach hurts.
Missy: Ugh, I ate too many plums from the farmers' market.
Andy: You mean that you have a a plummy ache!
by Anthony W. Yochmann August 20, 2008
According to Presidential candidate John McCain's advisor Phil Graham, WHINERS are Americans who complain about the poor economy.
Citizen: "But Mr. McCain, Americans can't afford to fuel their cars or buy groceries anymore."
John McCain: "Americans are such whiners."
by Anthony W. Yochmann July 10, 2008
Someone or something that is a complete and utter failure. It is used as a derisive comment in Northern Ireland.
Aye, Billy can't do anything right. Everything he touches becomes a bloody disaster. He's a total dead loss.
by Anthony W. Yochmann August 17, 2009
A tummy ache from eating too many plums.
Oh, I got a plummy ache after eating too many plums at the farmers' market.
by Anthony W. Yochmann July 19, 2008
The God of Toddlers.
All the kids in kindergarten worship their god, Elmo, the God of toddlers.
by Anthony W. Yochmann October 16, 2010