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Person (most commonly a male person) who openly and chronically observes other male penises in public places.
(Typically after someone pisses you off, instead of calling them a "fag" or something"...Dude, you're being such a god damn birdwatcher!!!!!!!!!!
by Anthony Verrecchio January 10, 2003
Person who clearly demonstrates membership to the dildo species.
Dude, Pat Keating was being such a dildonian today, he must have accidentally exposed his balls at least 17 times while wearing his biker shorts at work at the daycare center.
by Anthony Verrecchio January 10, 2003
Combination of two existing English words. Slut + whore = slore.
Dude, I just had sex with this girl, and she didn't even ask my name. WHAT A GOD DAMN SLORE.
by Anthony Verrecchio June 18, 2003
Penis, cock, male genitalia.
Dude, she grabbed my bird!!!
by Anthony Verrecchio January 10, 2003

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