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another word for sperm, commonly used in a sanitation garage by sanman veterans.
hey sanman, last night i squirted my dick yogurt on some dirty broad at the jersey shore.
by Anthony Urballica November 13, 2006
1. Scumbag College student, residence aid, Loser with no life, Got picked on his entire life, made fun of by everybody in his class, picked on by bullys. He then decides to hide behind school authurity and become a fag RA. He does this because hes so used to be treated like shit his entire life, he has to feel a fake sense of fake power. The only thing that stop these pathetic herbs from gettin stomped out everyday is that kids actually trying to do something with there life can't hit them or they would lose a scholarship or get kicked out of school. They scum over there school to live for free in there filthy RA room with there mama's boys sign on the door which lets you no there name which there mother never shoulda gave them or even give birth to them. They have no confidence, there shy, they don't no how to stick up for themselves, they have no friends. So they seek this job to fill those needs that there friends or there mother and father never gave them. There a disgrace to humanity, and so are there parents.
1. Yo, the RA's coming hide the beer.
2. Yo, some kid who impersonated RA Steve got kicked out of school.
3. RA: Mom do you love me
Mom: No
4. Friend: What do you do with your life?
RA: i am an RA
Friend: Wow, kill yourslef
5. Yo the fag from highschool became an RA because he was always a herb and nobody would even care if he killed himself.
6. For all you RA's out there, let me keep it simple, JUST GET A FUCKING LIFE YOU FUCKING LOSER!!!(or just end it)
by Anthony Urballica September 18, 2006
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