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A business based in Bentonville, AR that decides to takeover the economy of small towns buy building a store with prices so low, all other businesses are forced to shut down.
The worst serial rapist treated his victim better than the local Wal-Mart treats their employees.
by Anthony Simon September 03, 2003
{metaphorical noun} Anything very 'cool' when it is first introduced but turns into total rubbish after a period of 20 years (240 months).
Those people that created 'Pogs' sure did pull an MTV.
by Anthony Simon September 03, 2003
{noun} The wrinkles you get when you are underwater for extended periods of time.
I need to get out of this pool.. I'm getting milgins.
by Anthony Simon September 03, 2003
{verb} To disturb someone at a cosmic and metaphysical level.
Dude! This puppy that looks like Shannen Doherty is really vexing me.
by Anthony Simon September 03, 2003

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