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Adj. A state of unconscious, consciousness. Conducting business on auto pilot. Especially related to detoxification and the resulting state of mind.
After years of drunken clarity, Jan now finds herself in the occasional sober haze. Said Jan, "I was so mocus today, I thanked the Vending Machine for dispensing the bottle of Volvic."
by Anthony Orifice August 26, 2004
The penis. Refers to the circumcised head as the purple hemet. The warrior of love is an erect penis.
Trust me, I'll only stick the purple helmet in, not the whole puple-helmeted warrior of love.
by Anthony Orifice August 23, 2004
The crack of the ass prominently displayed by repair men while bending over.
I was very gassy after lunch, so when I was repairing the refrigerator, I discreetly let a fart out. It travelled up my vent pipe and was trapped in my Carrhart work shirt.
by Anthony Orifice August 24, 2004
An irritating chafing of the inner thighs. Usually caused by swimming in salt water, or by severe ass sweat.
"What are you, bowlegged!? Hurry up you fat bastard."
"I can't, I've got some bad velcrotch.
Got any cornstarch?"
by Anthony Orifice August 26, 2004
Masturbation. To "jerk-off."
Looks like another unlucky Saturday night. Maybe I'll just go home and have jex.
by Anthony Orifice August 23, 2004

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