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The kind of work that Clark does, which is really the illusion of actual work. To the untrained eye, it looks like he is doing work, but people like Fred and I know better.
Me: So what's Clark supposedly doing?

Fred: Oh, he's goofing off at Eglin.

Me: He's doing pseudowork again?

Fred: Yep. He claims he's working on something, but we know better than that.

Me: Yeah, that sounds like him.
by Anthony Coon August 29, 2004
A tall, red-haired guy named Scott Leonard. Hah!
Sup froothead?
by Anthony Coon October 03, 2003
Of or referring to a froot, or an object or vehicle that's cheapy or not in top quality.
Your sound system is all frooty.
by Anthony Coon October 03, 2003
A favorite word of Brannon's that he can use on anybody at anytime, regardless of their sex or skin color. It pretty much means the same as when I say "Sup froot?" to Scott.
Brannon: "Sup negr0?"
by Anthony Coon August 21, 2004
A pretty girl...just another way of saying a broad. Used esp. by Brannon and Scott.
Brannon: Yo, Scott, check out that brizzle over there...lookin' baller!

Scott: Yeah man, I'd sure like to hit her up! And Coon, you can't have her.

Me: That's not fair!
by Anthony Coon August 21, 2004
What ballers like to use when referring to World of Warcraft.
Y0 d00d, let's hit up some dub tonight!

Tru that!
by Anthony Coon March 03, 2005
A small town of about 15,000 in southeastern Ontario that is the childhood home of the beautiful and talented pop singer Avril Lavigne.
No matter where Avril's travels might take her in her singing career, Napanee, Ontario will always be home in her heart.
by Anthony Coon October 03, 2003
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