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Arson (spelled backwards).
When investigators entered the building after the fire had been put out they found several cryptic messages spray-painted on the walls, including "NOSRA" - "arson" spelled backwards.
by Anthony Brancato August 23, 2003
A member of Generation X who is of Asian, especially Oriental ethnicity.
The low-budget film "Shopping For Fangs" hilariously chronicles the life experiences of "Generasian X" in a generic Southern California suburb.
by Anthony Brancato August 22, 2003
Possession of a dangerous (or deadly) weapon in violation of applicable laws.
After finding a gun on the seat of the car in plain sight, the officer slapped handcuffs on the suspect while telling him, "You're under arrest for felony PDW."
by Anthony Brancato April 20, 2003
Suicide (spelled backwards).
There is French-based heavy-metal band called Edicius, which is "suicide" spelled backwards.
by Anthony Brancato August 23, 2003
A capsule containing Tuinal, a sedative drug that combines two barbiturates (Seconal and Sodium Amytal) in equal proportions (used in the 1980s). See also bean.
"He'd do a jeeb and then wash it down with whiskey, and within minutes he would be practically falling all over the place."
by Anthony Brancato February 19, 2004
Having lost a man, life etc. in a video game, such as Pac-Man
When a player gets eaten in Make Trax, his paintbrush is turned into a cowboy hat and the machine plays "The Twelfth Street Rag."
by Anthony Brancato August 22, 2003
A person (formerly only a man, but now one of either gender) who is the spouse of an adulterer.
During the Clinton Administration, Hillary Rodham Clinton was sometimes sarcastically referred to as "The First Cuckold."
by Anthony Brancato April 19, 2003
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