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The act of scouting out a bathroom at your place of work before pooping.
I did a fly by of the 3rd floor men's room at it appears to be a safe haven.
by Anthony June 08, 2004
A person who is initially very reserved in a group situation (eg a workplace) and then bursts onto the scene with unexpected alcoholic and/or womanizing behaviour.
What about Paul last night? He had 10 cocktails, groped lots of girls, and ended up in a bar wearing only his pants and a reflective workman's vest. I never knew he was so wild - he must have been a dark horse all along.
by Anthony August 02, 2004
A soggy wet pussy.
"I'm not going near Crystals beef drapes."
by Anthony March 01, 2004
One who likes it in the ass frequently and who is scared to tell of it
Brian Smith is a butt pirate, he likes it in the ass but won't admit it to anyone
by Anthony April 03, 2005
lean mean eating machine
give the leftovers to the gunta
by anthony April 19, 2004
lean mean eating machine
give all the leftovers to the gunta
by anthony April 18, 2004
a filthy cerota whom sucks on her mom's giant cock, and then fucks her father and brothers because they are ugly ass bitches and that's the only way they get fucked
That bitch is having sex with her dad, I bet she's Guanaca and Proud
by anthony March 24, 2005

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