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Kick ass!
She is chikka!
by Anthony April 07, 2004
a killer band from new milford connecticut. with sexy guys and a chick bass player.
Holy shit! The Anodyne Conflict rocks! i want to have sex with every member of that band!
by Anthony December 10, 2003
See also barbutiful
by Anthony November 07, 2003
Getting completly 'stoned' or 'high' by smoking or ingesting marijuana.
"Come over tonight, and we'll get totally ripped!"
by Anthony September 21, 2003
a gay man whos ass as been spent.
ronald had surgery to
by anthony August 18, 2003
A revolver.
I just put six shots into one hole at twenty five meters with my round gun.
by Anthony December 10, 2009
An antonym for the saying 23-skidoo.
1. To rush into something,
2. taking an opurtunity to come or taking advantage.
3. "Coming in the the going is bad"
1. Kramer off of Sinefeld always coming in through the door.
2. A sign says "Free cookies." at a grocery store and you take them all.
3. When Gandalf comes with the riders of rohan to helmsdeep.

by Anthony March 16, 2007

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