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17 definitions by Anthony Sheppard

v. to trim one's genital area (prune + pube)

n. someone who objects to clothing that reveals hair in the genital area (prude + pube)
v. I walked into the bathroom and he was prubing his bush!

n. I would have worn my jeans lower, but my grandmother is a real prube - lol4realz.
by Anthony Sheppard November 06, 2010
43 6
n. short Japanese poetry set to music or read with a musical accompaniment.

Also: haiku-ca-choo (or without hyphens).
I thought it was just a regular poetry reading, but it turned out to be some of the most foot-tapping haiku-ka-choo!
by Anthony Sheppard November 06, 2010
34 0
n. a person employed to make sandwiches - derived from a combination of sandwich and barista

alt. sandwichista
I was explaining my topping choices when the sandwista suddenly sneezed into the bell peppers.

That was the greatest sandwich ever, I'm totally going to keep an eye out for the same sandwichista the next time I buy one.
by Anthony Sheppard May 18, 2011
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