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A common name for male children in Dalmatia, a coastal region of Croatia.
Approximately 25% of males are named "Šime". Other unreasonably popular names are Mate, Frane and Roko.
Why parents keep naming their children based on Wold War heroes remains a mystery, although recent studies have shown a decline in such naming policy.

It is not known if naming your child Šime affects his social and personal life in any specific manner. It HAS been confirmed, however, that if your child decides to study at any College outside of Dalmatia, it is highly probable that he will be the only Šime.
Hot Girl 1: Hey, that guy's looking interesting. Do you know what's his name?
Hot Girl 2: Mhm, Šime.
Hot Girl 1: ROFLMAO, why isn't he called Marko like everybody else??
by Antennaman51 February 06, 2010

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