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Judgement/Justice under God. Christian school form of after-school detention. Various idiotic reasons for JUG: untucked shirt, forgetting class materials, academically incompetent.
Steve got 3 days jug for skipping class, so he's a juggie.
by Antar February 18, 2005
Gamers on caffeine (usually Mountain Dew).
AJ: "LOL look at those people playing Halo 3"
Joe: "They're the Dragon Kidz, I wouldn't mess with them if I were you"
AJ: "K. Let's go play Emo Boy for the Dreamcast"
by Antar June 18, 2006
Rarely ever used in 4chan board, as "set a bad example"
SAGE!! You just SABE!
by Antar March 24, 2005

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