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The level or grade of fashion/style referring to a person's clothing and/or accessories.

If their outfit looks good, their PLAG would be high; if their outfit looks bad or lacks something, their PLAG would be low.
Damn, your PLAG is FINE today. (used if someone's outfit is damn fine/perfect/right on)
Oh god, that is SUCH a PLAG faux-pas. (used if there is a mishmesh of patterns/styles/fabrics)
She only wishes her PLAG was as fabulous as mine. (used if you are criticizing or jealous of someone else's outfit)
Where the hell did he get that PLAG? K-Mart? (used if someone's outfit looks like shit)
Mmm, Mmm. Dang Baby, your PLAG is dead sexy. (used when you want to tell someone they are beddable in their outfit)
#professional #personal #looking #luxurious #attire #apparel #accessories #grade
by AntVerCreations October 21, 2008
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