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Translates to, "Excuse me sir but you are upsetting me so I am asking you to please leave the area".
Man fool, you betta get up outta here.
by Ant2562001 September 18, 2012
As I learned from a friend who had to spend the weekend in jail for a DUI, "bird" is jail slang for chicken.

Why be so specific and use the word "chicken"? Bird is a more convenient word to memorize for a person with only a 100 word vocabulary.
"Yo, I gonna get my grub on dat bird yo"
by Ant2562001 September 19, 2012
A woman.

What defines the female sex. What they are good for and what they are used for.

A piece of property that gets used for pleasure or to relieve oneself sexually.

It is usually owed by one person or could be shared by multiple people. A hole with a ring on the left ring finger is typically someone's property.
Guy 1: "What are you getting into later"
Guy 2: "I am just going to use my hole"
by Ant2562001 September 21, 2012
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