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a gentlemans social club based from the hit TV series the sopranos.

A topless bar, owned by sylvio in the show.
Hey, lets go to the bada bing and enjoy a few drinks.
by Ant NYC June 22, 2005
a racial term used towards people from Latin decent. Could be used in a joke form as well. Overall means that they are "lazy" or "theives"

Could be used as added to words already formed (see example)
Enrique is a dumb spic for stealing those hubcaps


Hey, that joke was spictacular!
by Ant NYC June 22, 2005
was a radical hardcore band from the years 2000 till 2001 in the nj hardcore scene. Female fronted, the band broke up in November of 2001 and new projects were formed.

Setareh also means "star" in Persian
Setareh played a great set last night at Krome.
by Ant NYC June 22, 2005
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