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When you don't care about talent anymore.

Due to one of Urban Dictionary's rules, I have to post information about Disney Channel. Alright. For a proper definition of Disney Channel, see super mega piece of CRAPSHITFUCK!!!!
super mega piece of CRAPSHITFUCK!!!! is what Disney Channel is. Seriously.
#disney #channel #is #the #worst #thing #that #has #ever #happened #to #television
by Another Madman August 30, 2009
A video sharing website. It was bought by Google in 2006, where it went quickly downhill.

There is almost no free speech in Youtube, they force you into things you don't want, you get idiots bitching at you for an opinion, companies like Viacom and Colgate frequently remove video's that doen't even do anything wrong, etc. It's basically a dictatorship, but it's ONLINE!
What's the similarity between Communism, Nazism and Youtube?

...They're all dictatorships!
#youtube #communism #nazism #hulutube #googletube
by Another Madman August 16, 2009
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