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1 definition by Another L.O. Degenerate

The true meaning means Low Observable but many know it as the shit hole of the universe. Where, like in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, you become part of the building because you work there so much. L.O. is part of the United States Air Force and is preformed on jets such as the B-2, F-117(retired),soon to come F-35 and the new F-22. The L.O. program usually has a 60 hour work week and easily goes over that. They work with hazerdous cancer causeing chemicals and best of all supervison that doesnt know what they're doing nor do they give a shit about there troops. Many talk about mutiny, mass homicide, and suicide. Most other career fields know about L.O. and know not to mess with them because of there ease of agitation.
I would tell you to go to hell (LO) but I work there and I dont want to see your ugly face everyday.

Another day in HELL.O.


Welcome To The Suck!
by Another L.O. Degenerate December 07, 2008