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A gang that first started in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and Durham, North Carolina, and is now spread through most North Carolinian cities and counties. Their flag color is green, and to get in, you have to commit a felony and fight 3 gang members for 2 minutes (but no face punches allowed) and you cannot fall to the ground at any costs.
Tyrone: Yo man you roll ConneC nigga?
Tyrese: You know it muh nig.

(White Kids)
Tyler: Hey dude, lets try to join that ConneC gang and be OG's.
Paul: Oh fo' sho' my nig.

by Anonymouz August 16, 2006
A type of hubcap wheel cover that only poor Mexicans and/or Negroes buy, to put on their 1987 Ford Escort, or on their 1985 Buick Oldsmobile. It is so ghetto, that only Wal-Mart sells, because only they would supply that piece of shit.
Example 1:
Chicano: Ay holmes, look at my new spinners holmes!
Thug: Spic, them ain't no spinnaz mayn, them some cheap-ass Wal-Mart spinner hubcaps.
Chicano: Ay, fuck you piche mayate.

Example 2:
Chicano: Ay holmes, I heard Manuel got some new spinners holmes.
Chicano 2: Piche cabron uay, he can't afford that shit piche mayate!
Chicano 3: They Wal-Mart spinner hubcaps holmes.
by Anonymouz September 25, 2006
The root of all the negroes. The short story of negroes, is as follows:

While one day, when thousands of white man worked at an oil refinery, one was fucking around by drilling holes too deep. All the white man were confused, and decided to check it out. That's when 5000 gallons of pure oil spat out of the hole, only to get ONE of the un-lucky white man, who later became permanently stained with the oil. He became furious because he was not white anymore, and started nigger staining everybody, and turning white people into what is now called "negroes". It is said until this day, nobody has found the original negro who was first stained.
Ku Kluxer 1: Holy fuckin' hell, we better get the hell outta here before we git nigger stained!

Ku Kluxer 2: FUCK THEM NAGGERS!!! *gets nigger stained* Holy fuck!

Ku Kluxer 1: DIE NAGGER!!!!!!!!
by Anonymouz August 20, 2006
Another retarded, pointless, and extremely niggerish dance, originated in the biggest niggerville in the North-Eastern United States. It includes shaking like a seizure patient, drinking a soda while eating soup (who the fuck does that?), and doing some other random movements that any retard with no brain could do. This incredibly gay dance was made popular by DJ Webstar and Young B, and is now played on BET and MTV, as well as various video communities such as YouTube and Google video. Search for it on YouTube and it is likely you will receive billions of videos, of niggers in Harlem doing that dance, as well as other dances, in the middle of a ghetto-ass basketball court in a hood in Harlem, while surrounded by hundreds of other negroes.

Fuck the niggers. Fuck Harlem. Fuck the chicken noodle soup, I fucking eat it, not dance it.
Shaniqua: Ay gurl I can do dat chicken noodle soop dance
Tyquasia: Aw word gurl? Thas' wussup den gurl
Shaniqua: U kno it

Jerome: Ay yo nigga I herd dem foolz ova' derr' wan' git togeva an' invent a new dance breh
JD: Nigga iz u crazy? Dem niggaz is rival gangs nigga, and plus, we just made da chicken noodle soup dance da otha day breh.
Jerome: I 'on geeive a fucc breh, letz jus' thro' awar sets up! (Translation: I don't give a fuck brother, let's just throw our sets up)
by Anonymouz September 22, 2006
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