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You are all idiots. Saint Gertrude's are rich girls. St. Catherine's are richer girls. There's a select few from each that aren't fad following, plastic carrying, Lexus driving, pompous, drunk sluts. But, all of them are bitches, including me. It's called being female.
So St. Cat's girls have a few more credit cards than Gerties and a few look a little emaciated, get over it.
If any one sucks it's the look-a-like St. Chris boys with flipped collar polo shirts and wings and the sports addicted idiots that go to Benedictine.
And everyone at Collegiate is so full of money they're vomiting up 100 dollar bills. It happens.

So cheers to this elite group of Richmond private schools that the middle class public school kids want to kick the crap out of.
Can't we all just get the hell over it?
by Anonymously pissed off February 03, 2005

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