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a.k.a. n00b, nub

Derives from newb or newbie, origainally referring to new or unexperienced participants of online communities, at first specifically MMORPGs, later also forums and other communities. While "newb" and "newbie" remained neutral, "noob" developed a negitive connotation.

a) incompetent online community participant (in some MMORPGs: gimp). Refers to participants who do not live up to general expectation.

b) immature online community participant. Typical characteristics of noobs in this sense are:
- excessive use of l33tsp33k (although noobs are becoming increasingly aware that this marks them as noobs)
- deliberate misspelling and supposed typos
- excessive use of online vocabulary and acronyms (rofl, omg, noob (in the former sense or the word), ffs, wtf, ftw, pwned, etc.)
- uncontroled urge to brag
- lack of sense of solidarity, apparent through unhelpful and often rude or deliberately annoying behaviour
- childish behaviour in gerneral
a) (from a MMORPG OCC)
player: i'm not teaming with those guys again! they`re noobs, we get wiped every time.

b) (from a MMORPG OCC)
player1: i'm having difficulty killing the end boss of the XXX quest. any1 got any tips?
player2: wut lvl ru?
player1: 80
player2: OMG!!LOOOOOOOOLLLZ!!!!!!!11!1 ur sucha n00b i OWNED him at lvl60 i wud pwn teh SHit outta u ROFLLLL!!!!!!!!11!! xD
player1: jez, what a noob thing to say!
by AnonymousGuy77 September 01, 2007

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