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8 definitions by Anonymous the Poster

Although there are scarier movies than IT (which is really scary), Pennywise the Clown is definetly the most horrifying villain in horror film history.
I had nightmares the first time i saw pennywise in the movie IT.
by Anonymous the Poster July 09, 2003
130 28
Biggest number in the world that has a name. it has a googolplex of zero's.
Even google.com doesn't make a googolplexian of searches every day.... well, ya know... maybe google.com.. but no other sites.
by Anonymous the Poster June 18, 2003
37 20
Serial killing superhuman beast that has been released by the Blue into Greenville. There is no way to stop him. Has totaled an approximate 65 victims in his stickdeath.com reign.
Super Beast just killed another Greener. HAH!!
by Anonymous the Poster July 09, 2003
13 3
What Strong Bad says a lot..
"...what.. Brian!!? WHat the crap!? Unless brian is short for.. brianrietta.. or brian-sue..."
by Anonymous the Poster July 10, 2003
43 36
Short for sizzle, this word is used to reply when someone or some people are doing something very gay or very odd.
Siz, guy, calm down.
by Anonymous the Poster June 18, 2003
19 13
A godly stick/non-stick flash animator. Should never be confused with rob lewis. Creator of Cole W. Mole and Joe Zombie
You can see RobDenBleyker's work at www.sticksuicide.com/ss/
by Anonymous the Poster July 12, 2003
6 2
Real life pronounciation of STFU.
"I sometimes find myself saying stfu out loud. It comes out like 'stofu'. - Drunk Cat
by Anonymous the Poster August 07, 2003
10 9