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A tease.
"That chick is a penispincher. She'll get you all hot and bothered, then run off and leave you cold."
An article of clothing that is usually unfashionable and too bright in color.
"I'm not buying that shirt. It's paint-splattered! I'm just not into the old-school tangy shit, okay?"
A very nice piece of clothing. Flashing green light means it is particularly nice.
"...Ohmigod! Ondrya! There's like, a whole rack of green lights over here. Flashing!"
An article of clothing which causes the words STOP to flash in your head repeatedly, amongst other warning signs. The word flashing precedes when an article of clothing is particularly offensive.
"....Oh, my god. And I thought I could take you shopping! That piece of shit is totally and completely a flashing red light. How could you even suggest something like that to me!? I'm going to like, have nightmares all night long now."
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