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words that sound smooth, but makes someone seem like a know it all who tries too hard.

Girl: You are so divine and we should embark on a wonderful travel for pretentious words in the dictionary.
Boy: Could you maybe stop using so many segwords??? I don't want to look at a dictionary with you.
by Anonymous Tennessean January 16, 2009
Overwhelming amount of amazingness. Invented by a small group of awesome groupies down in the southern lands by non-soutern people called Tenns.
This is the most spectubular word ever invented!

Her hair is so spectubular looking!
by Anonymous Tennessean January 16, 2009
Crap that is completely awkward.
A Statement that replies to the awkward comment.
Girl: Balls!
Other Girl: AWKSHIZ!!!
by Anonymous Tennessean January 16, 2009

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