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A very very low budget movie released in theaters in 1999 after a success on the internet. About 3 student film-makers that travel to the forests of Burkittsville to create a documentary on the blair witch legend. During their filming they disappeard and one year later their footage was found under an old house of a once child slaughterer who admitted that he was possessed by the witch.

The BPP, is one of the worlds biggest grossing movies ever and became a horror film phenomenom. Since then, there has been a sequel and a planning for a prequel. A movie that contains no blood/gore/violence, but just noises and the unknown, creating a devastatingly chilling atmosphere if you have followed the movie and collected data from the first 40 minutes about the witch.
" The Bpp is the scariest shit that i have ever seen.... Lets watch it again!!"
by Anonymous #2 June 27, 2005

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