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addicted to sex....and damn good at it
you are a sex machine!!!
by Anonymous December 07, 2002
seminal fluid (male) or clear glandular fluid of unknown composition (female)
by Anonymous November 02, 2002
one who uses crack cocaine and other addictive drugs.
by Anonymous September 05, 2002
Male gunt
Look at the gock on that guy
by Anonymous September 03, 2002
something that is the bomb and unbelievable
those custom made movies are outrageous!
by Anonymous May 07, 2002
Wandering around beating ass. From "A Clockwork Orange."
Tim, Howie, Trackstar and Chris went out to find a bit of the old ultra violence.
by anonymous April 24, 2005
The Wilmington High School, situated in the close-knit suburban town of Wilmington, Massachusetts, is the epitome of an average high school, akin to those surrounding it. WHS prefers to concern itself primarily with sports and school spirit, which is offered and gleefuly devoured by the student body. You'll find that many students don't have much else to do, with the exception of praising football jocks who will likely wind up being overpaid, steroid-ridden athletes or simply asking you "Paper or plastic?". The Wilmington High School also contains your run of the mill stoners and "wiggers". My reasoning is that perhaps the white students stealing this urban culture is purely to make up for the absolute lack of anything urban; anybody African-American, for that matter. You also have your handful of the common "goths", "preppy kids", "punks", "emo kids", etc. Nothing out of the ordinary.
In fact, Wilmington High School is nothing inordinary. There's a probability you'll find high schools similar to this one across the United States.
Rick: "Hey, I'm a dipshit from Wilmington High School. GO WILDCATS!!!!!!!!!!!"
Rick: "I want fellatio."
by anonymous April 16, 2005

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