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a female that goes after a man, even though he is rightfully taken by another.
that skanky ass hoe is tryin to take my man. what a skanky ass hoe!!
by Anonymous September 13, 2003
Abbreviation for Killswitch Engage

(K=Kill s=switch E=Engage)

The best band ever.
Alive or Just Breathing
by Anonymous August 30, 2003
making out
Elizabeth's mom walked in on her andher boyfriend making out on the couch
by Anonymous August 12, 2003
A homo thug is a man who wears hip hop gear or thiggish type clothing and who sleeps around with other men who are like themsleves or claim to be on the DL (Down Low) really Gay is Gay.
by Anonymous August 04, 2003
1:37 military time. The elite minute
Holy shit its 1:37 , time to be 13377&!&!&&!&!!!!
by Anonymous July 29, 2003
when something is really fucked up
Joe is acting all fucky today.
by Anonymous June 13, 2003
is so hot ... i guess it runs in the family ... has the hottest cousin
oo i want that family!!!
by Anonymous May 27, 2003

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