12 definitions by Anonimous

A slightly retarded person named Val who falls unconcsious off of beds.
Val fell off of the bed due to her unconcsiousness.
by Anonimous July 26, 2004
When someone tries to take over your drug dealing business. They go to your custees and try to sell them their shit.
Brian is going to get the shit kicked out of him! He's cutting my grass!
by anonimous June 14, 2006
a person who doesn't live up to their potential because they are lazy.
that kiet's score on the test was pretty high, but it couldv'e been better.
by anonimous October 15, 2003
new swear and slaughter of the words 'ski' and 'snowboard' by mrs. snelling
1. dude, dont be a skiboard

2. in math we were discussing graphs bout skis and snowboards and that bitch kept saying skiboard
by anonimous December 01, 2004
Nice tihs!!!!
by Anonimous January 28, 2003

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