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3 definitions by Anon Y. Moose

washed up actor that has become my alter-ego
Paulie Shore is my buh-uddy
by Anon Y. Moose October 23, 2003
the pimp instinct. The ability to tell one or all of the following:when a loose hoe is nearby, when a fine young lady wants to get downright filthy, or when two people are wanting on eachother.
My pimpstinct is tingling
by Anon Y. Moose October 22, 2003
an adjective describing the darker coloration around a black woman's anus. However it's use it not limited.
I slept with this black chick last night. That was one saunty bitch.

Uck, this sandwich is saaaunty.
by Anon Y. Moose November 06, 2004