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Math + Masochist = Mathochist.

used to describe math teachers who teach long, drawn out processes of solving things, when there's clearly a shortcut. They take pleasure in watching students suffer.
Jack: "GOD look at all this homework!"
Jill: "This is gonna take me hours to finish..."
Jack: "Mr. V is such a mathochist."
by Anon E. Muse February 28, 2009
"The Game" Is a scientific mystery that has been plaguing mankind for centuries... well, maybe since the 80's.

There are three rules to The Game.
1. When you learn the rules, you are condemned to playing the game for all eternity.
2. When you think of the game, you lose.
3. You must declare loss by saying to all people in the vicinity, "I Lost The Game!"

People often play with an amendment to rule two, stating that you cannot lose the game by thinking of it when someone declares losing the game. Otherwise, a terrible ripple of losing would spread throughout the world.
by Anon E. Muse April 24, 2009
Pronounced "Woe-Th"

A Woeoth is a person who doesn't know what the word "Woeoth" means. So basically, it's a club for people who know what it means, so they can make fun of people who don't.

The true meaning of Woeoth has been long forgotten, all we know is that it's really funny when people don't know what it means. Now you do! Thus making you not a Woeoth. Congratulations!
Jack: Jill is a woeoth!
Jill: Hey, knock it off with those nonsense words!
Jack: *snickers to himself, knowing that it's a real word... sort of*
by Anon E. Muse April 14, 2009
chuckled out loud.

Let's be honest - when we say LOL, we rarely are actually Laughing out Loud. We do, however, let out a little *a-huh-hurm*, or chuckle, once in a while, in which case you would say col.

Alternatively, you can add extra -ol's or even an -olz to the word to better explain how much you chuckled.
Jack: "...to get to the other side!!!"
Jill: "col"
Alfonzo: "COLOLOLOLZ!"
by Anon E. Muse March 01, 2009

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