20 definitions by Annoymous

the illest town in North Carolina and no other town in North carolina can see it.
yo son u going to Tarboro?
hell yea nigga Tarbor is the shit cuz it has one thing that no other town has...shay!
by annoymous October 23, 2004
When yo jumpa in basketball is good
My jumpa is wet
by annoymous January 27, 2004
when a nasty guy like me self slaps amanda big ass bushh
"damn that bush was like a jungle i had to have a whole crew to help me get through, but i made it and i slapped that bush til it bled, oh wwait or maybe that was her pms blood?
by annoymous March 05, 2005
One who likes to sleep around, or constantly sleeps around. See whore
Don't date that girl she is such a horus
by Annoymous December 14, 2004
a guys cock
bite me you cuke!
by annoymous April 04, 2004
a fag noob wanabe, boring, gay, no1 likes him etc..
by annoymous April 10, 2003

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