20 definitions by Annoymous

Someone who worships the male sex organ.
Ben Beaton is such a cock slave.
by Annoymous July 31, 2003
A craze in the 1980s when seizures were popular.
That song brings back memories from Seizuremania.
by Annoymous January 18, 2005
Someone whom has bad spilling and Grandma
Freefrag your a stuipt idiot
by Annoymous July 17, 2003
Expressing aggrivation or anger like saying What the Fuck but saying Holy Skank
Holy Skank!! What are you doing?!?!?!
by annoymous January 26, 2004
a stupid jackass. A person who says this crap like, "oh i really love,really i do and will forever!" just to kiss and have sex w/ you!!!! but once he founds out you might be grounded again and wont be able to see him as much, he dumps you and gets a new girl! that he dosnt really like. so yeah connor if your seeing this me, sara, katie, and all of my friends think your a stupid fucking BITCH!!!
1. connor angvall = jackass]
2.you did a connor angvall!
by annoymous January 26, 2005
a isdn, cfg, haxing cunt, no rl, no friends
by annoymous April 10, 2003
Please refer to dragon042.
Refer to dragon042.
by Annoymous February 09, 2005

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