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One who is amazing at interpersonal skills as well as who is very good at video games, combining the best of both worlds of introversion and extroversion.
My friend was such a ramin to me, first he beat me at DOTA then he helped me with my problems.
#rahmeen #romin #ramen #roman #raymond
Getting high off pot
Man, you shouldda seen him, he was so dubbed up, he fell over twice before he got outta my house
A man who masturbates so frequently he ejaculates at any given time, usually men who are gungerin' up
EW! His pants are wet, he must be given' gump!!
by Annoying prick who's annoying November 28, 2002
Being 0wn3d on any form of a train. This case being more specifically on the Ottawa O-Train.
Train + 0wn3d +O-Train = 0-Tr0w3d.
See tr0wn3d
Your mom is a HUGE whore
-you just got 0-Tr0wn3d!
by Annoying Prick Who's Annoying August 19, 2005
One who rubs either a man or woman's pubic hairs vigerously
You been rungering up your girlfriend again, havn't you?
by Annoying prick who's annoying November 28, 2002
A woman who searches only for men with large genetalia
Since your mom got divorced, she's been lovin large.
by Annoying prick who's annoying November 28, 2002
One who feels a woman's pubic hairs, thorougly
You like to runger up your girlfriend, and she lets you, man is she loose!
by Annoying prick who's annoying November 26, 2002
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