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Yeah... whatever, "Google for those too rich" person. A Concierge, these days, is (1) a trained professional who is there to do the things that people don't FEEL like doing, or, if they're not from the area, unable to OPERATE a computer themselves, or simply disinclined to do it for themselves. (2) a trained professional with an extensive personal network whereby seemingly 'impossible' things are made to come to fruition.
1) "Young Concierge man? Where is the nearest center for the blind?"

2) "Young Concierge Lady? I need 4 three-legged, purple ducks, that are blind in one eye, a case of vintage Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Brut (1912), VIP ACCESS to the sold-out sky boxes at the new Yankee stadium--- in 10 minutes (!!!), a yellow Masarati with less than 154.7 miles on it to meet my jet on the tarmac at 9:16am, the best hotel room in New York, a live, pregnant Sugar Glider (carrying triplets), AAAAAAAAAAAND Bottle service at the BOOTY BAR"

Thank you very MUCH! We make the impossible possible.
by Annoyed by Ignorance November 29, 2010
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